Of Fate and Phantoms
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Of Fate and Phantoms
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ISBN 10: 1230001357554

This book written in English.
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Science Fiction & Fantasy, Historical Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy Romance, Historical

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As Charlie and Lincoln’s lives settle into a harmonious pattern, a new threat arises that could have far reaching effects for the royal family and Lincoln’s parents.

When a seer warns the Prince of Wales that his life is in danger, only Charlie and Lincoln take her seriously. After all, what sensible person would believe a gypsy who claims the danger will come in the form of the prince's dead father?

A meeting at the palace sets them on a path that takes Charlie back to her old haunts in the London slums, on the hunt for a man who can change his appearance. The new threat is their most dangerous yet, but for Lincoln, the biggest concern isn't confronting the shape-changer or meeting his parents for the first time, it's whether Charlie will put his engagement ring on her finger.